Block Pane, LLC.

We are a small team of two, with more than forty years of shared experience in technology spanning development, operations, security, cloud, and you may have guessed: blockchain.

Block Pane was founded in 2018 by Todd Garrison, who has worked in the financial, technology, and blockchain industries as an information security engineer. Todd holds the AWS Certified Security - Specialty, and Offensive Security Certified Professional certifications.

Todd has worked extensively with Bitcoin and Ethereum, and was part of the team that launched the FIO Protocol (https://fioprotocol.io), an EOSIO blockchain. He has experience performing blockchain forensics and is a huge fan of the Go programming language.

Statement of Beneficial Ownership

Block Pane, LLC. is based in the state of Colorado and 100% of shares are owned by Todd Garrison.

BP Code of Conduct