Privacy Policy

Friday, Jan 22, 2021

What data is collected.

This site, and other sites maintained by Block Pane, LLC. (specifically public API endpoints,) will collect basic information such as the browser being used and the IP address.

How data is being collected.

Access logs for HTTP requests to public API endpoints are collected on API nodes, these logs are not retained long-term or stored in a centralized location. Logs are deleted as disk space is used, generally only retaining about a week of data.

Access data is also retained by our CDN provided CloudFlare for 7 days, and our sites on the AWS CloudFront CDN retain logs for up to 30 days.

How the data is used

IP address and browser information is solely used for short-term diagnostics and trouble-shooting of site availabililty issues, or to respond to security-related incidents.

We do not sell any information, or share data with 3rd parties.

We will cooperate with law enforcement requests when required by law.

Legal inquiries may be directed to our registered agent:

Block Pane, LLC.
44 Cook St.
Suite 100
Denver, Colorado 80206